The Developer's Breath Book

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The Cure for Developers’ Burn-Out: Your Breath

If You Design and Code, This is For You!

Working as a developer is pretty cool. We often work from anywhere. We're usually in high demand. And people look up to us Devs like Masters of the Tech Universe.

However, just because we can work from a high mountain resort doesn’t mean we always get enough time to go hike that mountain…

Instead, many of us get caught hunched over screens as we plow through a field of code toward the harvest of project completion.

Well, as I’ve experienced too often in my years coding, we often reach burn-out. 

And sometimes we don't have time to go hike a mountain... So what to do?

Turns out, one of the most powerful things we can do is optimize our breathing, and take moments for breathing exercises. 

Our breath can relieve stress, calm high blood pressure and rejuvenate our minds in between coding sessions.

It was only because I was getting ill a lot doing coding that I decided it was time to figure out a solution.

Of all the things I tried, breathing exercises were the most effective. I could finally work again, without feeling like crap afterward!

Best of all, there are a lot of fringe benefits besides to breathing better. I gained new peace of mind after each breathing exercise, and my outlook on life itself began to brighten.

My work improved.

People noticed.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since everyday we breathe in more than 2000 gallons of air. So, how we breathe is critical

This book explores the science and tradition of breathing right, along with 12 breathing exercises to calm or energize, to make you creative or grounded.

This book will make breath your new medicine chest, full of “free medicine” and perhaps even super powers

I want this!

12 Breathing Exercises to Stay Healthy and Happy Designing and Coding

Nasal Breathing
The Default Breath
Belly Breathing
Getting warmer!
Ocean Breath
Oo, that's refreshing!
Breath of Fire
Feel like lightning!
Box Breathing
Evens you out.
Alternate Nostril Breathing
Calm, tranquil, creative
4-7-8 Breath
Great before sleep
Smiling Breath
Be Happy Now!
Warming Breath
Use when cold...
Affirmation Breaths
The power of positivity!
Muscle Relaxation Breath
Another good one befor sleep.
Energetic Healing Breath
Getting healthy, feeling mystical
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The Developer's Breath Book

0 ratings
I want this!